Christmas in Chicago

15 December 2014

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog |  Danielle Moss does Christmas, Chicago

Today is an exciting day! I am sharing with you a very few of my favourite Christmas Instagram photos. I follow Danielle Moss, blogger at my ultimate favourite lifestyle blog, Breakfast at Toast.

What is totally exciting is that I have the official stamp of approval from Danielle herself to post her photos here! Awesome right? I send her an email because I had serious concerns about posting someone's Instagram photos. Even if you link back to the account, I think those are still quite personal.

For the majority of you that doesn't know her, she's quite famous in blogland. I even shared a podcast where she was interviewed. She is the co-founder of The Everygirl and if you pin a lot you probably already saw her or some of her work! She moved on her own from California to a city where she knew no-one and I think this is amazing! That must have been so scary and exciting I sometimes wish I could have had the opportunity to do the exact same thing!

My love affair with blogs probably started with her. Maybe not, but once I found her I never stopped reading. I was into personal finances blogs, Joshua Jackson related blogs, running blogs, nail polish how-tos blogs, healthy eating blogs, cooking blogs, you name it. It only lasts for a short period of time: I am obsessed with something for a while, enough for me to read everything about the subject, summarize, integrate and then I get on with my life.  So lifestyle blogs are a good mix of everything that I like to read about.

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog |  Danielle Moss does Christmas, Chicago

I love Danielle even if we don't have many things in common. I love looking at her photos and all the apartments she lived in even if they are not entirely my style. Her journey just speaks to me and I don't know.. I just love the way she blogs. I guess I have a thing for single girls living alone in cute apartments (hello SATC!) so I was addicted to all her decorating process related posts.

She replied to my email with very sweet encouragements on blogging and her blessing on my will to share the merriest (to me at least) photos on my insta roll.

Thank you again Danielle, you made my day.

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog |  Danielle Moss does Christmas, Chicago

Follow and find all those photos on Danielle's Instagram and on her blog.

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