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I am a 28 years old girl from Belgium. I used to live in the capital of Europe but recently moved to a smaller city an hour away from Brussels. My mother tongue is French but since having spent a gap year in Australia as a Rotary exchange student after finishing high school, I have developed an obsession with the English language.

I started this blog in 2014 after having had a difficult time. I found it hard to be when everything was so unsettling: no permanent job, studies that take forever, the threat of the biological clock, generally feeling stuck... Everything has to fit into a decade and it's a pressure that burdened me.


With the help of this blog, I decided to turn things around. By no means life did become easier - I got my share of lemons since then - but I made a choice of regaining control over my life and let go of the past. Having started counselling helped me immensely too.

Anyway, this blog is my refreshing outlet, my little space out there where I can express my feelings, share my favourite reads or show you what I got up to on holiday. I blog for fun and it feels good to write, to plan, to choose photos and to meet fellow bloggers.

Inspired by The EveryGirl, I answered a few questions for you to know me a little better...

What famous lady would you take out for lunch? Diane Keaton, Cherry Healey, Tanya Burr, Meryl Streep, Michelle Obama ... I can't choose.

Favourite place to travel? Almost anywhere in the UK or in Iceland - would love to go back to the Blue Lagoon

Starbucks order? Chocolate frappucino in the summer/latte macchiato in winter

Pacey or Dawson? What kind of question is that? Hands down, Pacey.

Red, pink or white? Red! 

Favourite quote? "The path to getting what you want isn't going to be cushy or comfortable. It's not going to be linear. But it will be yours." Caitlin Timson (see the related post)

Tv shows? Dawson's Creek, Sex and The City, Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey, Ugly Betty

 reading, all things British, lattes, diying, traveling, London, Iceland, bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, my friends and family, spending time with my bf and cat, going to the movies, Harry Potter, Christmas, going camping, earl grey tea, blogging, decorating my home, Netflix, running, ...

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