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9 November 2016

5 blogs I read everyday, office wooden desk, mcbook pro on a wooden desk, laptop, ravacholle belgium based lifestyle blog

or at least every week.

5 blogs that I read everyday: Danielle Moss in her Chicago office


She's is my blogging idol! I love her. I already talked about her way too much but I just love her style. Danielle moved all the way from sunny Los Angeles to freezing Chicago where she knew practically no one. Her move coincided with a feeling of being stuck and gave her the kick she needed to change things that didn't work for her at the time. Some years later, she just moved in with her boyfriend and she sold almost all of her furniture to her old landlord - I just dream of decorating from scratch again but the bf would kill me... 

5 blogs that I read everyday: Charlotte Louise Taylor from Write Like Noone's Watching

Write Like Noone's Watching

Charlotte is the same age as me and is already a home owner and proud mamma to two kiddos. She writes some very thoughtful posts, does weekend vlogs and food shops hauls that I really enjoy watching. I like her style and the homey feel there is to her blog and Youtube channel. It's just the vibe that I get from her that's so comforting. She's lovely! I also enjoy reading Life as Our Little Family and Ethel Explores in the mummy category...

5 blogs that I read everyday: Laura Agar Wilson from Wholeheartedly Healthy

Wholeheartedly Healthy

Previously Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish, I've been reading Laura for quite a while. She's my inspiration for all food and health related worries. She introduced me to the Davina McCall workouts DVDs and I will never thank her enough for that. As I sometimes struggle to stay in shape and eat a well balanced diet, I love popping in to check on her blog as she inspires me to keep on track with my goals (exercising more and eat more legs if you're wondering...) Laura has been through a very inspiring body image journey and her blog is just a mine of inspiration. I also admire her dedication to her work, she's brilliant and inspiring as I said multiple times!

5 blogs that I read everyday: Sherry and John Petersik from Young House Love

Young House Love

There are actually two other home related blogs that I read on a regular basis: Brooklyn Limestone and Manhattan Nest. I used to be completely addicted and obsessed with YHL when they were still blogging daily. They taught me everything I know about DIYing everything in my life. Sherry and John have recently started a podcast and I very enjoy keeping in touch with them that way now. They somehow lost their mojo a few years back and stopped blogging altogether so it's nice to see them back in the game in another format.

5 blogs that I read everyday: Bloggers from #TheGirlGang

Gals from #TheGirlGang

Utter Ardour, Alice Red, The Nerdy Me and Very Berry Cosmo are my favourites! I love the way they are real and that their own voice transpires through their various content. Rai is from Australia and enjoys getting creative and reading books. Alice, a photography graduate, and Kayleigh, a graphic design graduate, are from the UK and both vlog. Kayleigh writes about her struggles with OCD and Alice is quite unique with her videos, you really need to see her work for yourself. Finally, Leta is from Lithuania, which in itself is so interesting on so many levels, and she writes on inspiration and motivation as well as on her days out and about. 

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