Week Four

30 January 2017

I'm already recapping the last week of January. Time flies! It's Sunday as I'm writing this and I've been really enjoying the downtime after a rather eventful week. On Monday, I dreaded a job related appointment but it turned out pretty well in the end. The next day was spent at my sister's. I had a few old handwritten letters I wanted to copy and we met my dad and other sister for lunch at Ikea. We even saw my mum after lunch, it felt good to have the whole family reunited. In the afternoon, we visited our new little cousin and saw our grandparents. It was a big family oriented day! 

I met a few friends over the week: I ate sushi for dinner with my lovely friends and met Mél & Jacques for lunch at a new café in Brussels on Wednesday. I also made a banoffee pie! I got the recipe  from Brooklyn Limestone blog and it was delicious!

On Thursday, the bf and I spent a rather beautiful and sunny day in Paris. On Friday, I spent the whole afternoon cooking as I was hosting a Lapin Perdu dinner for our parents later. We had a nice time and enjoyed the food. 

Over the weekend I helped a friend move out of her flat, visited the BRAFA Art Fair and went to the movies to see Rogue One with my sisters, bf and uncle. The film was okay and I had a nice time with my family again! 

On a productive note, I have been reading an article in my January copy of Red Magazine about the book Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight and it really inspired me. I had already heard about her first book about how not to give a f*ck so I got both ebooks straight away. I know I still have a lot of work to do on my relationships and not giving a f*ck looks like the answer to all my problems. I know it won't be an overnight result thing but at least I'm considering changing my perspective.

Talking about perspective, I've made up my mind several times this past week about what jobs to look for and I've come to the realisation that I should stop being afraid and go for it. 

This week, I've been watching the BBC adaption of the book Apple Tree Yard. I didn't read the novel but I love a good thriller. Some scenes really upset me but I think I need to see more. Have you read it yourself? Also, the bf and I finally saw the last installment of Sherlock and boy! it was good! Really good!

How was your week?


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