Week three

23 January 2017

Sun shining through the trees in the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels on a cold morning

I feel this week has been the longest. It started off with two stressful events on Monday and Tuesday. The bf and I celebrated my small successes with our favourite meal at a Chinese restaurant on Tuesday night which was lovely. 

L'arc de Triomphe du parc du cinquantenaire à Bruxelles, Jubelpark in Brussels, Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels

I spent a morning in the capital and enjoyed a stroll in the Cinquantenaire Park before heading home. Another day was spent stressing over the future and over an electricity incident that occurred in the house. I took the cat and drove straight to my parents to relax a little which had a positive effect on my mood. I went for the second time to a coffee shop in town and I was seriously disappointed. 

My grey cat, kitten, kitty, chat de type européen on my ryker rug from made.com

Here's peek of my new rug. Don't you love it? I got it in the Made.com January sale! My kitty is really the best thing sometimes. When feeling low, I give him lots of cuddles and feel instantly better. 

Saturday mornings at Starbucks with my favourite magazines, Glamour UK, Red UK and God Housekeeping. Starbucks Cup, caramel latte, bon samedi princesseI met a friend I hadn't seen for a long time on Friday night and spent the night at the new place of another friend which was lovely. I love interiors so I appreciated how their new apartment feels big and airy because of the large windows! Also, the view is to die for, I need to crash at their place more often! Anyway, on my way back home, I stopped at my favourite bookshop and got my favourite magazines and a coffee while waiting for my train. I enjoyed the surprise message I read on my cup! Saturday afternoon was spent baking chocolate muffins and hosting a couple of friends. It was fun!

Farrow and Ball's Brinjal painted dresser, patterned tiles, kitchen floor, linen kitchen drawers

I played with my sister's fancy camera all week and enjoyed it a lot. I enrolled in a photography course to learn the basics and I start in February. I'm pretty excited about it. Looking for a job is really taking its toll on me and I feel like I have had to change my point of view. I need to do what's right for now. Despite the week having been hectic, I'm thankful for my lovely bf, a very helping family, my kitty's cuddles and my colourful friends.

On the blog

I'm all over the interiors posts! I shared an update on my most-read post, Tanya Burr's house and recapped my kitchen renovation process.

On the web

How to reduce stress and anxiety
Little Women 1978 on Youtube - I put it on the background while finishing a jigsaw the other day, so many memories of me watching it on the telly while my grandma was snoring on the opposite sofa!!
Christmas movies centered around women - an old article but I'm inspired to watch a few films off that list.
Life as our little family Instagram - love love love K-A's feed and positivity!

How was your week?


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