#MySundayPhoto - Gaston

29 January 2017

In a few days, I'll be participating in a proper, full-time, month-long photography course. Inspired by the new year and wanting to get more creative, I set myself a goal of improving my photography - or should I say, properly learn about it. I'm a huge fan of Instagram and I follow many amazing accounts that make me drool over my phone. And of course, as a blogger, it's a skill that needs to be mastered for the reader's pleasure!

I thought I would join in with #MySundayPhoto over at Darren's Photalife blog in order to experiment and inject a bit more of creativity into my life. As I'm not well equipped, I asked my sister to lend me her fancy camera and since then, I have been taking a few shots of my home life and of my adventures in Paris and Brussels. 

Here's my little kitty, Gaston. I became a little cat obsessed since having him and I noticed that since my sisters and parents welcomed a cat themselves, all of our conversations are drawn to our furry babies. To me, he's perfect because he brings me a lot of joy and so many cuddles! 



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