Week One

12 January 2017

A week of 2017 has gone by already. It started with a delicious Chinese feast and beautiful fireworks. On NYE, I had a minor crisis and decided the Christmas decorations had to come down and that I should get the house a little bit more organized. I sorted things out, got rid of a few things and filled the car with bags to take to the recycling center.

On the first few days of the year, I wasn't really productive and felt a little sad and anxious. I spent my time reading too many blogs and eating fabulous breakfasts that lasted too long. Things I needed to do didn't really happen. We visited my sister on Sunday and had a nice meal together. The next night was spent watching the new episode of Sherlock with the bf while we ate some amazing food. 

By the way, I saw that Jane the Virgin was back on Netflix with a new season, so I've been watching a few episodes throughout the week! Teen Mom 2 has returned and it's my guilty pleasure... I'm happy.

On the home front, we went a few times to the home improvement store next to us to buy planks of wood and I ordered a new rug for the living room that was on sale - it's already there! Even after we had gone to the recycling center, I, again, went on a little minimalist phase and got rid of a lot of old school books and random papers that I had lying around. I'm pretty good at decluttering when I'm onto it. On Thursday and Friday, motivation kicked in and I was finally productive. Then I saw my sister again on Friday night before heading for dinner with the bf. We went to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and I loved it so much! I had a great night!

On the weekend we had an afternoon of bowling with the bf's family and started a little DIY project. In the afternoon, I went for a 8km run with my BFF and the bf and I spent the rest of day at my parents.

I finally finished editing my 2016 1SE video which I'm sharing with you today. It's quite precious to me as even though 2016 was though, it was still filled with beautiful moments that I managed to capture. I forgot to film on many days but that's okay, I forgave me.

I have lots of things planned for Week two : do some studying, work on our DIY project, fit in an hour of swimming, write a few posts, do some meal planning, donate plasma/platelets. I also have a few appointments scheduled in so I need to work around those.

I hope you had a great start of the year!

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