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3 January 2017

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Happy 2017! Thanks to the blogging world in general, I'm inspired to make 2017 a great year.  Despite the fact that 2016 was awful to me, I had already set up a few techniques as to how to put my plans into action. Setting goals and resolutions is worthless if it isn't done with intention therefore I use a few tools to help me achieve my goals such as a vision board, breaking goals into actions and regularly reviewing them. 

This article from The Pool on the 10 resolutions we'll have broken within the first week of January made me gag because I am totally guilty of putting those same goals on my list... At the end of December, I reflected on the past year and I determined what I wanted to work on in 2017. Here are my new goals. Feel free to let me know what are yours in the comments!

Calm down/inject some positivity into my life

I'm the worst at seeing things on the bright side and I've recently realized it actually makes it harder for me to move on and achieve my goals. My main priority this year will be to calm down and look at life from another point of view. I want to live more in the moment and stop over-analyzing relationships. I've seen this book many times in my favourite bookshop so keeping a gratitude journal or something similar is something I want to try this year. 

Self care

This is something I have started to do more last December. Staying home all day and having no money to spare on clothes and skin/hair care were absolutely not a valid excuse for not washing my face, not doing my hair, not getting dressed properly. I always prefer to spend money on house items because it will last longer or because it's more useful. I finally realized that it's a bad decision. Buying cheap face cream and only using cheap-big-bottle of micellar water doesn't make me feel great. Avoiding to take care of my hair results in a sad version of me. So this year, I pledge to take care of my body by trying out new products, doing more facials/face and hair masks, visiting a dermatologist, going to the hairdresser more even just for a blow out. I also want to go on a retreat and join a yoga class. Working out more often that I already do and eating more greens are included in this category.

Find a job/Save money

It's been two months since I've completely emptied my savings account so I MUST graduate, find a job that pays me and is interesting in order to save more so that I can more easily accomplish things I want to do with my life. Also, it would be useful to keep a roof over my head, eat and feed my cat.


Traveling was non existent last year due to a lack of money and sickness so it's something that should be easier this year. I already booked a trip to London to meet up with my Finnish bestie and I've decided that the bf and I (or just myself) should go on a weekend getaway every month (12 mini breaks). Rules are simple enough, it doesn't have to be far away and it can only be an overnight affair as long as we leave the house! I would love to go on a big trip this year, wherever is the cheapest, we'll see when I find a job.

Home related

The work we have done on the house we live in is nearly done. With the exception of fitting a hood in the kitchen, I want to finish some decorating. The bedroom is very depressing at the moment. The walls are orange which I dislike very much but need to work with because I don't want to spend more money that we already have by repainting them. We need to build a bookcase out of cheap wood to house all of our books, DIY a lampshade, buy new bath and bed linens and sew some drapes. I also want to save more energy on heating by doing a bit more research and installing a new thermostat.


I want to do more this year. I want to properly learn who to sew and knit (or just one if it isn't possible), I want to bake things I never tried instead of just doing the same old recipes, I want to print a few photos and create photo albums, I want to get back to playing the piano, I want to keep writing about those two ideas I've had recently and finally, I want to improve my blogging skills - code, writing and photography.

Be a better friend/sister/girlfriend/daughter...

I want to visit my friends and family more often, invite them over more as well. I want to reach out to my out-of-town friends. I want to be more supportive and be a better listener. 

Give back

I have started to make regular appointments to donate blood/plasma/platelets because it's very easy for me and it's free so I pledge to keep doing that next year. I also want to be more involved and start to do some volunteering, pick a cause I would like to support financially and generally do little things that help people and the planet.

Let's do this! Happy 2017!

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