Week two

15 January 2017

The second week of 2017 has been largely uneventful and pretty boring. I was studying for the most part of it but I struggled a lot to get around to start doing some actual work. I didn't do any exercise which is a shame but I'm currently stuck in a funk.

You probably saw over on Instagram that I was doing a little challenge. As part of that, I bought myself some flowers. They weren't the best looking ones but that's what was available to me at that time. Not having a job is really putting its toll on me as I can't make plans and all days look the same. I don't have money to spare on a nice bunch of tulips and I desperately want to go to Paris for a day this month. I spotted some really cheap train fares but I don't know what I'll do yet.

On a more positive note, I was pretty productive on Monday: I planned all the meals for the week and donated my platelets/plasma in the evening. I've met Julie for lunch on Wednesday. It was really nice to catch up and the meal was pretty delicious. That's important! After that, I had a walk around Brussels before an appointment which was lovely. I also got around to finish some posts that were long overdue such as the Tanya Burr's house tour which I had started writing back in November...

I watched Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution that aired on BBC1 last Christmas. I hadn't got around to watch it yet and boy, it was really good. I'm really enjoying the 1920's fashion and home decor. Last week, I went to see Fantastic Beasts and it has a similar background so I'm really in the mood for art deco! I'm planning on writing a post about my love for the 1920's, I'm so into it! Also, I visited a beautiful house a few years back that I documented on the blog, check it out if you're into art deco architecture and decoration>>

I have two important deadlines next week and then I'll be done. I really hope I will. Then I'll be able to move on, get out of my funk and finally start on all those plans I made for 2017.

How was your week? How are your new year plans coming along?


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