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8 November 2016

sleepy cat

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to introduce my new little buddy, Gaston! The bf and I had wanted a pet for a very long time and since we moved into a bigger place last April, we thought it was time to make our wishes a reality.

We both like dogs and cats but we eventually decided after very long debates about pros and cons to adopt a little kitty. You already know that I had pets when I was still living with my parents (our very best cat, Snoopy and earlier this year, my parents got a puppy AND a kitten!) so I've really been missing having a pet around.

kitten kitty cat

I desperately want to be dog mama. I imagine myself going on doggy walks and doing some running with my future pup but if I'm being realistic, having a dog wouldn't really fit into our lifestyle at the moment. Also, major point here, we don't have a garden. So, for the sake of a dog's wellbeing, we decided against adopting one. 

Our house is kinda big so we felt ok with letting a cat wander around. We would preferably like to let him go outside but we're a bit scared that he'd get lost/killed/catnapped.

kitten kitty cat

Anyway, Gaston's been living with us for about a month and he's made our lives a little bit better. I had read multiple times that despite being a bit of a hassle (cleaning the poo, health and food costs, things getting destroyed or peed on....), you can actually benefit from having a pet.


♥ His body's warmth when I'm cold on the sofa
♥ Having someone to cuddle with while watching telly
♥ Stroking my little kitty is actually quite calming
♥ Whenever I need a break from home work, chores, blogging, job hunting, Gaston is there for me to play with
♥ Cats live in the moment so I find them a very good reminder to appreciate the present whenever I'm faced with anxiety/difficulties/hard times
♥ His body's warmth when I'm working in the office and he sleeps on my legs
♥ He doesn't shred my furniture... yet.
♥ Gaston's coat is so so so soft. You would think I would have made him loose all of his hair by now because I pet him so much...
♥ I sing all the time (soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...)
♥ He gets on with my parent's kitten and he kind of tolerates their dog
♥ He's so freakin' adorable

Gaston and I


✘ Gaston has absolutely no sense of dignity or personal space
✘ He's so annoying when he's in a bad/playing/sleepy/cuddling mood
✘ Poo's smelling way too much
✘ His butt. In our faces.
✘ Licking our skin until it's red with pain
✘ When he walks on my keyboard
✘ The smell of his farts
✘ The mess he makes everywhere: paper balls for him to play with in
every room of the house and his litter out of the box
✘ His breath in the morning and at lunchtime and in the evening
✘ Buying food and cat litter and toys (€€€)
✘ Dropping him off somewhere when we're away

kitten kitty cat


I wouldn't exchange him for the world despite the cons list being roughly the same length as the pros one.

sleepy cat

This post is getting a bit too long so I'm stopping with the cuteness here. I don't want you to throw up with disgust with all the love I have for my kitty friend.

Do you own a pet? What's its name?

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