Love the little things #1

30 November 2014

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I want to think this is my little journal of sorts and now that I have started it I wanted to join this lovely blog hop. I loved reading Glasgow Mummy's little features so I am so glad I can do my own from now on.


I am currently reading Girl on the run that I found randomly while browsing in my favourite bookshop in Brussels. I was interested to read this because I set myself the challenge to run 50km in total from October 1st to December 31st and I thought that was going to be motivational. It is in a little way but overall the book is light and funny. An easy and happy read that puts me in a good mood.


The highlight of the week was definitely watching the last episode of Homeland last Sunday. It was just fabulous. Blowed. my. mind. It was perfect and it had everything I am looking for in a tv show.

I also went to see the Titanic expo and I was a bit disappointed as I already saw it in 2010 in Melbourne. No replica of the famous stairs anymore. I still enjoyed the exhibition because I am very fond of the ship and some of the stories and facts about the tragedy - I told you I was weird like that. The real fake iceberg was a hit for me though.


Apart from the radio that shouts constantly at work I have no clue about what I specifically heard this week. Just the usual chitchat I guess and I listened to an episode of Gilmore Guys. I enjoyed it. Watching the show again is making me feel good. Everything in Stars Hollow is cute and reassuring. I love the outfits, the jokes, the decor, everything.


I wore some light pink Essie nail polish and also my uggs and robe while eating breakfast. I know I must appear like a grandma but I. don't. care. It's cold outside. I want to be warm and comfortable.


This week I cooked some crêpes for breakfast and a french onion soup for lunch. I also created this blog which I am proud of. I think about future posts and it motivates me a lot. I went for a run because I thought about this blog and writing about my week achievements. I studied quite a bit and I wrote some posts that will be published later. I feel pretty good about this and my use of time - quite an improvement.

And lastly...

I am visiting my parents right now. Look at my new room. I love it! It's so cozy and inviting and with a new mattress and a new bedding I reckon it looks like a b&b in there.

I finally splurged for a new car! Not in the way you think though. Just a shared car. That's right I am using a car sharing service called Cambio and as of right now I am totally in love. Easy to apply for and very fast. I like the flexibility and the fact that even if the bills will be higher than using the train for my weekends trips in the country it will still be cheaper than buying my own car (and insurance etc.) and easy on the environment too.

I also enjoyed doing some babysitting this week. The two little girls I look after are marvelous and so bright. I love staying at their house. It's cosy and cute with all the toys, games and beautiful books everywhere. I saw a sign next to the lamp and my heart just melted:"Shut me down when you leave me, please."

Also, I went window shopping and fell in deep chocolate mess.

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