36 hours in Dublin

24 November 2014

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | 36 Hours in Dublin: breakfast in bed in our cute hotel
Pssst! Don't forget to watch the video at the end of the post!

We spent 36 hours in Dublin last weekend and it was charming.

While we didn't have the time (and the reading map abilities) to see and visit everything we had planned, we certainly enjoyed the food and our cute little hotel.

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | 36 Hours in Dublin

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | 36 Hours in Dublin

I bought a few magazines to get me through the holiday season - Country Living, Ideal Home and Red. Below we were having a gingerbread latte and an Irish cream cappuccino. The city was already  in the festive mood so I am longing to go back to check how it is without the sparkle.

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | 36 Hours in Dublin
Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | 36 Hours in Dublin

My favourite part of the trip was the room adjacent to the reception of the Pembroke House we were staying at. We could lounge in the deepest sofas while eating fabulous cheese and reading the papers. There was also some edelweiss water and a rich chocolate cake that we could help ourselves to and it was heaven. We seriously could have eaten a whole meal there if we had wanted to! 

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | 36 Hours in Dublin

Other than that we actually enjoyed proper meals such as some prime Irish fillet steak and dry aged rib eye at Searsons, a smoked salmon bagel and Irish burger at Green 19 as well as a lovely tea time at Queen of Tarts. We spent our last night in a Premier Inn hotel near the airport and I was pleasantly surprised as I expected the room to be less than average. Everything was new and comfortable I really enjoyed it. We prepared snacks with some lush food from the supermarket that we ate in our room and it was pure bliss!

Check out the (best) video (I ever made) of our trip below to see more of what we did/saw/ate!

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