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26 November 2014

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog | My current favourite podcasts including Serial, Wholeheartedly Healthy's Happy Health Chat, Bump Club, Jess Lively and Gilmore Girls Gilmore Guys Danielle Moss
Here is a list of some of the most interesting, scary, inspiring or totally useless podcasts that I listen to while showering, taking a walk, sitting on an train, ironing, doing the dishes or cleaning.
I have been reading Laura's blog for a few years so I was very excited when I read she was doing a podcast. She chats with a fellow health coach blogger about eating habits and exercise and shares a bit of her weight loss journey as well. I am still struggling to move my body around on a weekly basis so reading Laura's blog or listening to her is inspiring me to keep being healthy and fit.

I know, I know. This is weird, I'm not pregnant yet! This podcast is for all the mums to be, new mummies and mums. I don't know why I loved the podcast so much but even if I didn't listen to every single episode I quite enjoyed it as I found it very cute and interesting.

I just followed one of the multitude of blogger trends on this one. When I read the synopsis I knew I was going to like it as I find myself totally addicted to murder stories myself - Hello Foxy Knoxy obsession that makes me have nightmares!? I am really addicted to this quest to solve a murder mystery that really took place fifteen years ago when a teenager was found guilty or having strangled his ex-girlfriend. This is just so weird and addictive I don't know what to say or think about the whole thing but still.. I keep listening.

I only found out about this one because Danielle Moss told me about her being interviewed by her life coach friend Jess Lively. I read Danielle's blog on a regular basis because I guess her story spoke to me when I found her website so it was like a treat to hear her thoughts on her path. I only listened to two episodes and I can't remember who was the woman interviewed on the second one..

I found out about this podcast totally randomly and it made me rewatch the show!! Those two guys are just so funny. It will take forever for me to watch the episodes and then listen to the podcast but I am fully prepared to embark on this journey. I have to say I loved the series.. which reminds me I really should find something similar about Dawson's Creek...

What are your favourite podcasts? Tell me so I can subscribe to some more!

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