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19 March 2015

A long awaited update on my awesome life. As you read in my last post about me, the major things I love in life are cake, tea, coffee, books and more importantly friends. That's only a snippet of what I love but you get the idea. I love play dates for grown ups that include going out in the afternoon, weekends, sweet pastries/cakes/cupcakes/pies and hot (or sometimes cold) beverages.

Hence this picture.

My bestie

This picture is awesome in many ways. 

First, look at my Malteser latte. Whipped cream, caramel syrup. An hour of indigestion and because it took me so long to go through the said whipped cream, the whole thing totally cooled down by the time I got to actually taste the coffee. I am addicted anyway.

Second, look at the wall. So pretty. Very scandi meet vintage mid-modern century with awesome replicas of designer furniture built in the 60's. Very pleasant on the eyes in those times we live in. Go figure.

Third, I love redhead people. Especially boys from the UK. Ed, Ron, you name it, I all want to marry them. Occasionally girls. Like this one. Except I don't want to marry her. Sorry about that but I'm already taken. Unfortunately he's not redheaded, no. So, I dedicate this post to you my friend. Because I love you too and love our grown-ups playdates.
Routine: I wanted to get up earlier, have nice and healthy brekkie and do awesome things before 9AM. Well, I'm just a little bit proud to say, I'm slowly on the road to success. I get more done even if I don't exactly do everything in the same order everyday. I don't fancy oatmeal every morning though, so I guess, it's still a work in progress. 
Fitness: I accumulate the K's, I'm very happy. Check my running progress here. I was stressed by work (I only did that to myself actually but still) and running is my savior. I also found my way back into Davina's DVDs and it makes me feel awesome and strong. On the other hand, my diet just went through the roof recently, I only crave greasy and full of sugar foods. Maybe because of stress - of what I don't know.. - but I suppose that's the reason. The scale agreed with my observations as my weight has attained numbers I don't want to see. I made this chart where I keep track of my numbers and I observed that last year I was on the same pattern: February, March, April... my weight keeps going up through the summer. I made a mission of stopping this shit from happening again. 
Goodreads: I love this app/website. I found a place for my books-to-read-to-find list, it's pretty awesome. I check reviews of books I've read to see if others think like me. I rate books. I feel powerful and very smart. I update my progress on books I'm currently reading. I even agreed to join in the Goodreads challenge of reading 52 books in 2015 but a very intelligent friend of mine (who is pictured above actually) told me that might be impossible - impossiiiiiiibleeeeeeee uh uh uh impossiiiiiiibleeeeee uh uh uh... 
Sing Star: the bf got me this PS4 game and it's magic. There are not many songs unfortunately and I think I'll have to bite the bullet and buy some. I don't know when yet.  I also noticed I can watch TV on the PS4. It's awesome because as we don't have cable, I can now watch the RTBF (French-speaking national channel in Belgium) movies, news, documentaries, French tv shows and fictions, crappy programmings in replay for a week. I won't miss Question à la Une anymore!! Well, yes of course I will, I have other things going on in my life.
Planning: I've been planning like craaaaazy. Planning blog posts, planning dates, meetings, workouts, weekends away, meals, clothes to wear during the weekends, etc. The only important thing that needs real planning is my study. I need to study and I need motivation. I did made some progress this week when I had the most productive Monday in history, but I still need to work on that. 
Sea: the sea is awesome. I know you know but really I have/had two meetings planned with the sea this month and I love it. It feels so good. It actually airs out my brain. I checked my facts right and read that iode is necessary to help our thyroid hormones working. Those hormones are responsible for the regulation of our metabolism. It also helps our nervous system. I take some marine magnesium supplements to help with my constant stress so I guess the sea helps me be relaxed. 
Hole: to meet your 5 min of laugh recommended every day for a long and happy life, read this. Two days ago, at work, I needed to rearrange some shelfs in a very tight place where a lot of people were standing (well, me and my colleague). Picture lots of stuff around us, not enough room to move. I bend my knees to grab something and my butt hurts some pointy element of the shelf while at the same time making a weird noise. I feel strong pain, so don't laugh about that, but also very quickly notice my pants were ripped. Yes, my pants were ripped. At work! Luckily, I live so close by, my awesome employers let me go home to change. PS: this is not because I'm fat. It's because the pointy element of the shelf ripped my jeans open. My butt is actually pretty awesome and innocent.

Happy Thursday and bring on Friday already! I can't wait for the weekend to begin!
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