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27 February 2015

Ravacholle Lifestyle Blog Running training for a half-marathon

The bf and I are registered to participate to the 20KM of Brussels that will take place in May. Since I haven't been running since December 28th, I felt pretty pressured to start training for this big event!! 
This week has been pretty good as I scheduled runs and exercise and managed to stick to it.

I have been loving the Nike+ app. Really it's one of my favourite (with Goodreads that I just discovered last weekend!!) It's free, maybe not very accurate but for a Sunday runner like me it's perfect. It really motivates me to put my shoes and go out. You can also set yourself some challenges like I did last year. I wanted to run a total of 50K between October and the end of 2014 but I kind of failed. I actually did 36,9K which is far from it but I am glad I kept going.

Of course, my challenge this year is the half marathon, on May 17th. I didn't do any research on training yet but I calculated I have 12 weeks counting this one remaining before the big day so it's not as bad as I thought. I imagine I just have to run regularly and try to increase my distance every week. 

The week is not over yet but here is what I did and what I plan for the weekend.
Now, let's just hope I keep on running!! I have two weekends at the beach planned in March and I hope to have a long nice run along the sea...

Have you done a half marathon? How did you train for it? I would love to hear your tips!

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