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6 September 2016

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I had made some plans for September - a beach holiday, days out, sun and DIY. As it seems that I cannot catch a break, our car broke down and we've had to stay home while the weather is all grey and the rain is pouring down. I actually spent a whole day in my pjs crying in front of the tv.

Sorry for the rant but it can be a bit difficult to see the positive stuff in our life all the time.

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New plans

Anyway, on the bright side, we managed to do some successful DIY on the house: a bit of painting and building. We even found a Ikea Kallax bookcase on the street and brought it home.

After some crazy time chained at our laptop to rescue our holidays, I've found cheap train tickets to Lyon and Marseille so that's where we're going in two days!

Since we couldn't do what we had in mind (zoo and museum visits) without a car, we're going to the movies tonight to see Florence Foster Jenkins. I'm excited. Mostly because I'll be eating popcorn.

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My instagram looked amazing those past few weeks. I didn't even do it on purpose!

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Catching up

I hosted a dinner party on Friday and I loved my little snack board, it was delicious. The meal itself wasn't really out of this world and the dessert was half baked so overall it was acceptable. We had a nice time so that's what matters.

I met lots of friends on the weekend - surprise party, house warming party and a running date! Everything was all perfect in my world.

I've got mail

I bought two brand new books for my summer vacay - but I've already started to read one... I have been a fan of Cherry Healey ever since I saw her on her BBC3 documentaries so I had to read her book. I'm thinking of writing a little review about it for the blog when I'm done. The other book is from Caitlin Moran - yeah I know, I've got a bit of a feminist theme going on...

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I hope everything is good for you. Any question about anything? Please feel free to ask in the comment section below!

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