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23 July 2015

In this old post, I told you about a friend of mine about to get hitched. In two weeks actually.

The bride gave us a choice of some tasks to accomplish for the wedding and I volunteered to find a cute guest book.

A few months back the said book arrived straight from Australia (from Kikki-K, to be precise, my favourite stationary shop, yes!-take-that-in-your-face-Paperchase!) in a lovely gift pouch.

I scoured the net for ideas and I talked about making questions cards for the guests who won't have an idea about what to write/never know what to say/will be too shy to express their true feelings etc.

I used -another favourite tool of mine- to "design" the cards and racked my brain to come up with good questions (in French which is even harder). I mainly got my inspiration for them from the other guestbook Kikki-K is selling that I pictured in the old post. (Yes, go back to that post because I'm trying not to link so that if the bride has a look over here I hope she will be very lazy and won't google anything up).

If you want to make your own questions cards with my design, you can modify it here and get used to the Canva way of designing (!)

The book in itself is pretty amazing. Lay-flat pages, simple, very sturdy,... it ticks all the boxes ✓

What do you think of my choice? Have you participated in the deco part of a wedding? 
Or did you actually get married and chose an even better book? Tell me all your secrets! 

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