Blog Design | Part two

10 June 2015

So, have you noticed a change on the blog?

It went from this...

... To this.

I also found a way for you to post comments without signing in Facebook/Disqus and the like. Just click the box "I'd rather post as guest".

I hope you like it. I bought the template from Blogger Template for 4.50€!! I liked that it looked pretty much like my own old design. It is very easy to use and install. I love the social media icons as well as the sharing ones, they're very stylish. 

I used to have Engageya and Linkwithin to provide random links to my old posts but it was kinda messy and ugly. I am in love with the "you might also like" feature that actually link to the same labeled posts. Much cleaner.

I decided to "break the posts" so you have to click onto "read more" to read it full length. It makes it easier to scroll through the articles when you land on the main page.

Now I'm thinking about buying a domain? Any thoughts or advices on that one?

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