Inspiration vs. Reality + some progress

1 May 2016

Well... Do you remember my inspiration post?

Forget about it. I mean, forget only part of it.

I got the flooring and paint I wanted. Good. I also wanted lots of drawers and an apron sink with a wooden countertop... It didn't happen... Our first Ikea kitchen plans were at a price of 1100€! There was no way we could spend that amount so we changed our plans...

Instead, we went to Brico Depot and bought two very basic kitchen cupboards and a cheap sink and started the installation work! Finally! It took us some time... I still managed to buy one drawers unit from Ikea and a small unit that were a bit pricey, but definitely still in our budget.

So we went from this...

.... To this:

Bye-bye orange walls and ugly tiles! We are still under our budget of 500€ at the moment with the three cupboards, sink and countertop. I bought a wall cupboard to install on the left of the window -on top of the micro-wave, but I'm not sure I'll be able to put it there considering we still have to install the kitchen hood.

On our list of things to do, we still have plenty to keep us busy for a year but for now, in the kitchen we still have to:
✓ install the door handles (and remaining two doors under the sink)
✓ install the kitchen hood
✓ fit a wooden top on the cupboard on the left of the cooker
✓ paint the cupboards doors and wooden dresser
✓ hide ugly cables
✓ hang art

I finally managed to take some pictures of the rest of the house. If you remember the blue room...

It's now my laundry room. It's practically my favourite place of the whole house!

No to forget, the attic room is (almost) ready for a few guests... or for me to take an afternoon nap...

Watch the video

If you're into bad DIY work and waffle making in the hallway..

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