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Hello, I'm Clem. Ravacholle is a little spot on the web where I can get creative, share my thoughts, my favourite reads or what I got up to on holiday.

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Ever since my first post, I've enjoyed blogging. I write about books I liked, things I'm going through, what I saw in my travels, a few recipes, our little renovation work and progress, interior crushes...

There are over 140 posts on Ravacholle, you've got a lot of reading ahead of you! If you want a shortcut, here is a little selection.

Ravacholle's best of the best

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The posts I had the most fun writing

A few places I've visited

  • British Crush | I started this blog with this series of things I love from the British culture: all kinds of stuff like GBBO, English gardens, Windsor Castle, M&S, scones...
  • House Reno | My bf and recently moved into a house! We rent it but we were able to make a few changes to it such as installing new flooring or diying a kitchen.
  • Life Lately | Quite frequently, I share a few updates on my life, what I'm up to, how I'm feeling and all that.
  • Home Stalking | A while ago I posted photos of my favourite interiors - from bloggers' houses to real estate picks.
  • Ladies Who Write Reviews of books written by awesome women. Either novels, children's books or memoirs.

Let's not forget

I saw a real princess
didn't want to work for free
created a Dawson's Creek related book tag
love to write lists
baked a Paris themed cake
become crazy at Christmas time.

I hope you enjoy having a read through my articles. You can find them all sorted by labels in just one big list: this one.

Happy browsing,
Clem x
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