4 Questions to ask yourself before the end of the year

30 December 2016

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If you read my last post about how I reflect on the past year, you know I have been answering a few questions to help me reviewing the highs and low of 2016.

I thought I might share a few questions to ask yourself before the end of the year to get you started. It's not very groundbreaking or anything, you'll find those questions in many self-help books. If you have the time and if this kind of thing speaks to you, then spare a few minutes to pause and reflect.

What went well in the past year?

As someone who always remember the negative, it's important to appreciate the goals you achieved, the travel adventures you went on, what made you feel good or what were the fabulous things that happened. Some of the stuff I came up with surprised me a lot!

What didn't work and what could you do to make it happen next year?

Reflect on the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year and try to find out why it didn't work. Was it something too hard to achieve? Was it reasonable? Was it what you really wanted? Maybe it's something you no longer wish for yourself. After all, times and conditions change and you've probably changed as well. Another reason why it didn't work could have been a lack of step by step planning, not breaking the goal into actions, being afraid of the end result, etc.

What did you learn, how did you grow?

For personal and professional well-being, it's important to continually grow. It could be learning a new skill or learning more about something you're passionate about. What did you learn about your failures, from the challenges you've had to face?

What do you want for the year ahead?

List some goals you want to achieve, describe who you want to be next year. How do you want to be as a father, a brother, a son, a manager, ... ?  How will you do it? What can you do to make it happen? Break down big goals into achievable steps, find yourself a mantra, put together a vision board, go wild!

How did it go for you? 

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!

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