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16 August 2016

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Some updates. + the most inspirational quote ever

I've changed the blog's design. I got the Orianna template from FearneCreativeDesign on sale and I love it. Also, she (he?) was really really helpful with a few problems - I couldn't put the comments back up... so thanks Fearne!

Last weekend was really good, it felt like summer finally. I spent the night at a friend's place and we went for a run (8K baby!) in the morning, drank a margarita in the afternoon and then we went to a wedding on Sat. night and it was delightful. I might have cried a few times... My friend gave me a lot of her clothes that she didn't wear anymore and it made me really happy to have a little update in the wardrobe department! #sograteful

Currently reading Funny Girl by Nick Hornby but it's not doing it for me. I have read the latest Harry Potter of course and it felt good to be back but a bit sad at the same time. Right after that, I read The Girl on the Train in three days - it was really really really good. 

So, I started running again. It feels really good. I embarked myself on a training plan because my friend and I want to run a 10K in October (on my birthday!) I'm only on Day 2 of the plan but I already feel so much more energized. Bike rides, short runs, Davina workouts... it all feels so good when the weather is that nice.

Due to a sickness, the bf and I couldn't go on holiday this summer (not even to the beach) so I can't wait for the end of August to arrive. I know September will mean I'd have missed a lot this summer but we hope to catch up in September or October... That being said, we're both job hunting and it's really making me feel rejected and desperate. Summer hasn't been particularly awesome for me and I'm dreaming of peace and quiet, a solo Christmas away with the bf, a job for the two of us and lots and lots of weekend trips planned. A girl can dream, right?

Last but not the least, I had to end this with a little motivation. An awesome Chicago blogger I love (I shared a few shots of her apt at Christmas), Danielle Moss, shared the most inspiring quote I have read in ages. One of Danielle's friend, Caitlin Timson, apparently posted this on her Facebook page :

If I could go back and tell my 21-year-old self anything, it would be that you don't need to worry about being the best or biggest expert in whatever you decide to do. You just need to keep going. More often than not, the biggest difference between those that are living the life or career that you wish you had and yourself is that they are acting on their dreams and you are not. Most things won't fall in your lap. You'll be disappointed and get harsh criticism and feel like a failure and doubt yourself and feel judged and worry that all of your work will amount to nothing. Sometimes you'll veer off course. The path to getting what you want isn't going to be cushy or comfortable. It's not going to be linear. But it will be yours. - Caitlin Timson
I'm in love with this, so so much. I don't have any other words to express what it does to my heart when I read this.

I hope summer is treating you better than it is treating me. 
What are your plans? Where did you go? What are you reading?

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  1. It's downloading time, The Girl On The Train Audiobook is now available on AudioBooksNow.


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