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5 May 2016

A lot of the time in my life, I just wish I could just be Carrie or Miranda. Living the good life, in a dreamy city, living in the cutest apartment ever (I love Miranda's as well!), freed from deadlines and responsibilities! I wish I had it all : money, good location, fancy clothes, amazing vacations and most of all, an awesome job! I am already pretty happy in the relationship department so no need for more wishes...

Oh yes! I dream a lot of what I see in my favourite movies and shows. So much in fact that it's kind of hard to get back to earth and to my real life...

Yeah, I'm more of a Hannah in Girls most of the time... Not so slim and not so classy. Kind of a procrastinator, not a very organized person and just meh in general. (Disclaimer: I love Hannah, it's just that when you compare her with Carrie... not that this is a comparison that should be done but hey...) Just to give you an example, I still live in my running sneakers at the moment because I am too lazy to spend money on new fancy shoes. It's not that I don't want to have pretty/fancy new shoes, it's just that I want too many things so I need to choose what I buy... problems, problems, my life is clearly not like I would want it to be.

I have one, it's just, as I said, that it's not that glamorous right now. In two weeks, I have to hand in a big nice chunk of words on paper, what they call a dissertation in some countries and I'm nowhere ready yet. So surprising eh? I'm working on it but I might have been a bit too ambitious...

I've decided that no matter what, I should at least try and finish it in time and that's why I'm posting  about it today on the blog. I've read a lot about goal achieving and all that crap and one thing they always say (the magazines and life gurus), it's that we should always go public with our goals.

They say its makes you work! Yeah, it's kind of magic or something. When you ask people to hold you accountable for doing something, usually you get stuff done. The secret's out! So, dear readers, I have to hand in this paper (printed five times!!!, crazy!!) on Friday 20th of May. There I said it. Now, I'll be very ashamed if I don't hand in this paper in time because I've told you about it and I'll look plain stupid.  GO GET YOUR GOAL GIRL!!

No, I mean it, seriously! Of course, it would be so much easier if I just could get work done in a nice and comfy indoor outfit just like Diane in one of my favourite movies of all time, Something's Gotta Give. (Disclaimer: all Nancy Meyers/Nora Ephron are my favourite movies ever, because they depict the real life I aspire to) (I'm serious!! I love them all!)

What I need is just a pretty office. Either in a very cute apartment in Manhattan or in the Hamptons, somewhere near the beach where I could go to have a nice walk. It would air my brain out and I would be so inspired to type in stuff into my laptop. I would sit at my large office and sip my tea out of a fancy cup that I could then put down on its cute little saucer...

Of course, Manhattan is brilliant for writers like me too. When feeling uninspired, I would just drop by Starbucks and stay there for a little while. I would sit at a table with my vanilla latte (with a sprinkle of dark chocolate powder) and type with force on the keyboard trying to make myself look very interesting. Like I have the most important job in the world to do.

I could also grab a latte to go and go back to my little/cute office. My bffs would then call me to ask me to join them for drinks in town and I would get ready very quick. Then, we would talk about my dissertation all night in front a gin & tonic. Glamourous. 

I think there's just one thing left to do now that it's all said in the open.

NO. Just getting back to typing will be enough.

Wish me luck! ♥ 
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