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2 November 2015

We hosted a little Halloween fancy dress get-together last Saturday. We asked our guests to play the game and dress up for the occasion and the results were stunning! Look for yourself!

The good old vomiting pumpkin, rice eyeballs and chocolate mousse tombstones.

Isn't my sister cute??

Thomah's awesome face painting and me as a sushi!

My sister actually sewed those masks herself!!! I couldn't believe they were handmade!

 Beautiful masks and a very scary-creepy-also-handmade Voldemort-looking monster!

Steve Jobs reincarnated as a woman!

Joker and the cutest licorne were there too!

Pierre and Marie Curie after some very bad handling of uranium and some sorcerer from Harry Potter ..

 Again some of the amazing work of Thomah!

I still have some progress to make with the photos. My sister changed the settings on the camera on purpose and some of the pics look plain weird. I also forgot to photograph everyone and to put out some more food I had in the fridge! Sorry about that...

Here is a little (failed attempt at) vlog(ging) about the buffet!

Psst! Find last year's halloween party on the blog too! ♥ 

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