A midweek break in Royal Tunbridge Wells + a British family meal

20 November 2015

The Pantiles

I went on a little trip recently to Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The bf and I needed a little "us" time and as I was away (in Iceland!!) on our anniversary we postposed our getaway to November.

This time we traveled by car to get to England. This was the second time we drove through the Tunnel (the first was when I went to Canterbury last May...) and I enjoyed it very much: quick and easy.

Red on Green ♥

Tunbridge Wells is about a hour-long drive from Folkestone so we enjoyed some very pretty country scenery after leaving the M20. We drove past the cutest little towns: Biddenden, Goudhurst and Sissinghurst that we absolutely need to go back to.

We had coffee at Costa as soon as we got there (it was breakfast time) and then we walked around the shops for the day. I didn't check if there was anything to visit in particular but I was aware that the Pantiles were a nice little street dating back from the 18th century. I took us some time to get there as we literally were parked at the other side of the city.

We didn't take many photographs as we didn't feel like it. Our mantra for the trip was "lazy". There were many charity shops around the town so I had a blast going through all the second hand books and I found some good ones! We also bought a few Christmas gifts and some magazines! For lunch and dinner we had some nice meals consisting of steak and random grilled meats. It was pretty yum.

At about 5 o'clock, we got quite hungry after doing so much window shopping and strolling around so we had a little afternoon tea at Juliets. Who could resist to cake really?? and I'm a sucker for cute little coffee shops so we had to eat and drink. I must say I loved my orange hot chocolate, I loooove novelty drinks.

We stayed at the Premier Inn in Tonbridge (a little further away) and it was pretty good. I  had booked a room with them when we went to Ireland last year and I was so happy about the quality and price that I decided that when we would travel again on a budget we would sleep there. We weren't disappointed as the spacious room was everything we needed: calm, clean, with a tv and a good bed and pillows.

The next morning, we did some other kind of shopping: groceries! haha! I love that too. We hosted a little family gathering the next Sunday for my mum's birthday and I wanted to have kind of a British meal!

We bought some smoked cheddar (heaven on earth!), Winter Pimms (regular Pimms is my favourite alcoholic drink), elderflower lemonade, various sorts of tea, bacon and onion jam, stilton, sausages (yum)...

A picture of my fridge!!

For Sunday lunch, we had some British crisps and wild mushrooms on toast as an entrée. I ate some on our trip and I thought that was an awesome idea!

This was followed by some tasty sausages and steamed veggies.

Then the franco-anglais cheese board...

And finally a showstopper (but so easy to make) cake from my Great British Bake Off cookbook.

Overall we had fun at both Tunbridge Wells and at our Sunday lunch. Everything was so good and tasty and we had the best family time! I loved it very much.

PS: if you love my plates, I found them at M&S!

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