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12 September 2015

I went on a shopping spree!

Background explanations: I need comfy, warm and durable clothes for work. I just got rid of worn out and uncomfortable clothes that no longer suited me or my tastes (only 3 garments but that's quite a lot in my skinny wardrobe). My wallet is on a forced diet this month because of annual payments, trips and other fees. The weather is getting on my nerves, it's getting darker and darker and my mood is low low low.

I only saw one solution in order to get my life back. It's a bit dramatic I know but I lost all confidence: I was practically wearing the same things everyday! So, I hit the shops.

I bought the tops at H&M and the beige cardi and grey/green jumper at Promod. I only visited two shops as I knew I what I wanted: affordable fashion. I don't have those black pumps and I'm currently still looking for new ankle boots! Those Essie varnishes are my fave: angora cardi, vested interest and best of all chinchilly.

Me rocking some outfits!

Product sources on my A/W board on Pinterest.

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